"BREATHING ON MY OWN" is an art series written, designed, directed, and composed by J Nino. The series consists of five chapters that visually depict individualism and the journey one undergoes when understanding who they are within.
Production Credits: Alainah Na'im & Diamantia "Taestylez" Sturdivant

Chapter I: "DEATH OF EGO" (2023)

Chapter I: "DEATH OF EGO" X-RAY (2023)

Chapter II: "SELF REALIZATION" (2023)

Chapter II: "SELF REALIZATION" X -RAY (2023)

Chapter III: "ISOLATION" (2023)

Chapter III: "ISOLATION" X-RAY (2023)

Chapter IV: "BALANCE" (2023)

Chapter IV: "BALANCE" X-RAY (2023)

Chapter V: "FREEDOM" (2023)

Chapter V: "FREEDOM" X-RAY (2023)

"BREATHING ON MY OWN" Promotional Flyer (2023)

"Alainah's Prelude" (2023) by Alainah Na'im

"BREATHING ON MY OWN" Playlist (Front Cover)

"BREATHING ON MY OWN" Playlist (Back Cover)

"BREATHING ON MY OWN" Ending Credits (Motion Art)

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